Why Your Business Needs A Website

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

The world is a global village – a village where anyone with an internet connection can tap into boatloads of opportunities from the comfort of their rooms. And what is achievable in this century was not feasible in all the prior centuries combined. But this truth has never been as evident as during the Coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the world. Businesses that had websites and served basic needs didn’t go into extinction. They didn’t just survive – they thrived!

Now and in coming years, more people and companies have realized that they can do much better if they have a live website. Key businesses now focus on occupying online space and presence. Sadly, if you don’t hop on this fast-moving train, your business may suffer irrecoverable losses. 

Business owners often have several reasons to explain why their businesses don’t have websites. Excuses like “I’m not tech-savvy” or “maintaining websites are too expensive,” or “I have enough paying customers” are not hard to come by. But did you know that over 80% of people research a service or business on the internet before they make a buying decision? And on the flip side, over 50% of business owners feel their business doesn’t need a website. 

You don’t have to be a statistician to pick the glaring disconnect here! In reality, all the above excuses are not real. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or pay hefty sums to get and maintain a professional website. And for the records, do you have enough paying customers? What does that even mean? Laughs.

Why Have A Website for Your Business?

According to the American business magnate Bill Gates, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” There are several tremendous benefits for businesses that have websites. They are not restricted by location, structure, and what have you. If you’d like your business to succeed with mind-blowing phenomenal results, then owning a business website could be the right step to take.

Want to check out some reasons why a traditional business model may not be best in this age? Here are five top reasons why your business must own an active website! Ready to go? Well, let’s ride!

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

  1. Virtual Is the New Normal

The phrase “virtual is the new normal” is fast becoming cliché. But, what have you done about it in the area of advancing your business? If you’re like many “tired” entrepreneurs, you’re probably sitting at your business location, wearing a mask over your nose, and hoping for things to return to “normal.” Well, I have good news for you! Things will never return to normal! And if you don’t evolve now, your business may go into extinction. That’s a hard fact. Swallow the bitter pills! 

People all over the world are adjusting to the virtual new normal. With an increasing number of people setting up workspaces online, your business shouldn’t be an exception. Why visit a mall to get groceries when you can order for them online? With a website and an online presence (in addition to your physical building), you can make sales through every available medium – online and offline. Even if things do return to a close semblance of the “normal,” there’s no denying the fact that lots of potential customers have adjusted to the ease of doing business online.

  1. It Gives Your Brand A New Outlook

Have you been trying to think up new ideas that will revamp your brand? Well, there’s no better way to create awareness like on the internet! Building a website for your business is a great way to revamp your brand and give it the credibility it needs. With a website, people will tend to trust your business and what it stands for. It all boils down to “if they invested in a website, they must really mean business.” And yes, even scammers know this and create websites to foster their cause!

Your website can tell people all about your business in a few minutes. What you stand for, how the business came to be, unique stories, your business values, and the likes can help you resonate with any number of audiences. And when people have complaints or questions, they can always send an email or read the FAQ sections. All these make it easier for people to connect and do business with you. But remember that simplicity is key! A glitchy, complex website may ward of more customers than it brings. 

  1. Harnessing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is going more robust every day. And this is because the process of purchasing goods and services digitally is on the surge. With your website, you have the much-needed online space to promote, advertise, and sell your products at zero cost. Another advantage your business can get from digital marketing is that the content you upload online for product/service awareness will always be there. They can’t go missing unless you take it down.

You can also leverage the essentials of digital marketing to increase your business leads and grow your brand. With the right strategies, you can increase traffic to your website. Besides, you can get paid for organic traffic and leads per click! Consider affiliate marketing for companies that supply supplementary items or deals if you can’t provide them yourself. It’s advisable to set up your business website early, even though you don’t plan on uploading promotional content yet.

  1. A Wider Reach for Patronage

If your business has a website, your customer could be anyone from anywhere around the world. Theoretically, your audience is 4.7 billion people around the world with access to the internet. Even one percent of this theoretical audience will give you access to 47 million people. Having a business website is like putting your business on the global map. This way, your reach is more expansive, and your audience keeps growing – more customers, more money. 

Not everybody who needs your product or service can have access to your physical location. Why limit yourself when you have the opportunities to reach the world? 

  1. Your Competitors Already Have a Website

Does this point sound cliché? Perhaps, but it does make a whole lot of sense. Do you feel you have enough paying customers and don’t need more? Well, I hope you remember that you’re not alone in the market. Competitors abound! And they already have websites because they need more paying customers! Imagine them having the boatloads of advantages described above. The odds will be stacked against you before you know what hit you. 

With a website, your competitors will appear more credible, freely showcase their products/services, build trust with customers, and benefit from Google searches. What’s your strategy to beat your competitors? Hire a team of dedicated marketers and pay heavily for ad campaigns and promotions? That’s not a smart way to reduce operational costs. How about you get an expert to design a website for your business and pay less than half the budget if you went for the first option? A smarter move, I guess.

Final Thoughts

You absolutely need to have a functional website for your business. And the good news is that it’s easier to get one now than it has ever been! It’s easy and inexpensive to enter, and the growth opportunity is massive! The internet runs the world – believe it or not. Go with the flow, or get drowned by it!