Productivity Tools to help grow your Business in 2020

Productivity Tools to help grow your Business in 2020

The place of productivity in an entrepreneurial journey cannot be brushed aside. For entrepreneurs, being dynamic, fast, and efficient is needed to be recognized as a force to reckon with in any industry.

Although there are so many factors that contribute to the success of your business, productivity tools are crucial elements. To this end, it makes sense to choose efficient tools that will take care of the fundamentals of your business. This will afford you the opportunity to give more time to your business.

It is interesting to note that there is an overabundance of tools, paid and free, for entrepreneurs to become more productive and to easily manage things. However, there is a need to assign them to specific duties before they can be effective. In essence, they can be assigned to departments such as marketing, finances, inventory management, and customer support. Let’s take a look at these tools, what department they take care of within an enterprise, and what they do.

The tools we would highlight in this post are –

  1. Proofhub for Task Management
  2. Ayoa for Effective Planning
  3. Hunter for Lead Generation
  4. Blinkist for Continuous Learning
  5. TMetric for Time Tracking
  6. Zoom for Video Conferencing / Meetings
  7. Paystack for Managing Payments

Proofhub for Task Management

There is a need for business enterprises to manage tasks judiciously. This is just what proofhub does. It is one of the best task management tools used by entrepreneurs to create personal tasks or assign tasks to multiple people in one place.

With proofhub, business managements are one step ahead in their productivity game as they are able to Break tasks into subtasks, add labels, set deadlines, set time estimates, attach files, and many more. It is simple and intuitive with features that make it easier, smarter, and faster.

The Kanban board feature of the app is a game-changer as it gives a clear view of the progress tracking in the workflow and Gantt charts. Further, it is used to manage dependencies between tasks; making it possible for businesses to collaborate by adding comments, feedback, and inputs with ease.

Proofhub comes in two formats. One is free while the other one is a paid version. Obviously, the latter comes with more privileges. Nonetheless, it is a productivity tool that helps organize all your entrepreneurial thoughts, projects, tasks, etc. in a simple clear manner. This tool can be used in several departments of an enterprise, be it marketing, inventory management, and a host of other units. You can check out Proofhub here

Ayoa for Effective Planning

Ayoa is a productivity tool that helps managers attain more efficiency and creativity in a range of tasks, such as brainstorming, teaching, planning, and project managing, presenting, organizing, and more.

More than ever, trends in 2020 have shown that there is an urgent need for effective planning if you want your business to grow regardless of the uncertainties that are likely to pop up. This is seen in the way things turned out when the pandemic started and businesses that were keen on survival had to go back to the drawing board.

Turnouts such as the covid 19 pandemics can make planning a lot trickier. Ayoa helps a lot in this regard as it Is a planning tool that helps the management go back to the drawing board whenever it becomes obvious that there where you can jot things down and order them in all sorts of ways. Get control over your tasks and deadlines. Interestingly, over a million people trust it to help them manage their business worldwide. It is even more exciting to note that the number of users is growing daily. You can check out Ayoa here

Hunter for Lead Generation

This is a productivity tool that helps users find email addresses from anywhere on the web with just one click. Connection matters a whole lot in the business world. It helps in improving lead generation and maintaining relationships. The most popular way to do this effectively is with the use of emails. How mails are being handled is much more important if you want to grow your business and increase your productivity in 2020.

It is basic knowledge for business owners and individuals worldwide. There is usually a scramble for the right contacts in the quest of business management to reach out to clients. This is where Hunter comes in. As a productivity tool for business growth, it helps you hunt for the right contacts. It is so swift with this task that it completes the hunting in a matter of seconds.

There are a number of reasons why it functions effectively. It has a domain search that has got a list of all the people working in a company with their name and email address. The huge database is enough to help its users get in touch with the right persons as they make use of the tool.

Additionally, it offers effective search filters and scoring. This automatically weeds off unwanted contacts from the list and leaves the management with fewer ones with a bigger probability of being productive. You can check out Hunter here

Blinkist for Continuous Learning

Entrepreneurship and business growth is a function of continuous learning and unlearning. Blinkist helps business managers in learning new things and having to take an account of how to apply it to their business. It does this by transforming best-selling books into quick and simple highlight summaries. This will definitely enhance productivity by saving time and effort.

It is even more interesting that all these books could be classed according to the purpose they serve. These include self-help books, time management, history, popular science, and other reads. Also, users are open to the option of an audio version of the books as well. This will help them in multitasking as they would be able to learn on the move. You can check out Blinkist here

TMetric for Time Tracking

Time is essential to the growth of any business. To this end, managers of businesses that are serious about growing are always keen on time-tracking their activities. TMetric is a tool that helps in this regard. It is a time tracking tool for businesses which is designed specifically to ensure employee efficiency and productivity according to hours worked.

This is done by Tracking each team member’s off days (if any), attendances, breaks, and working activity by the minute and measurement of productivity depth. Interestingly, it can be fused with other productivity tools such as Trello, Asana, and many others. You can check out TMetric here

Zoom for Video Conferencing / Meetings

The secular world will agree to the fact that zoom is the productivity tool of the year 2020. It came in handy as a solution to the major challenge of businesses as soon as the pandemic started and governments over the world were asking people to stay at home.

Even before the pandemic, Zoom was the leader in modern enterprise video communications. As the need to host a live webinar or event with a remote audience anywhere in the world and conduction of meetings with clients and associates remotely became the order of the day, zoom had become increasingly relevant in the world of productivity tools.

Even when the world gets back to normal, it is obvious that this productivity tool will still be as relevant as it is at the moment. It cancels the cost of running in-person meet-ups and the risk of traveling. You can check out Zoom here

Paystack for Managing Payments

Payments are a crucial aspect of every enterprise. Modes of payment can have a huge bearing on the productivity level of any enterprise as there is a need for money to remain in circulation for the smooth running of the enterprise.

While there are lots of online payment platforms, Paystack stands out in so many ways. It is an awesome online payment processor that has made it possible for individuals and businesses to receive card payments once an account is set up with them. Thousands of businesses over the world use Paystack to collect payments with a modern, secure payment medium. You can check out Paystack here

Use tools to ensure consistent productivity

Maintaining high productivity can be challenging. However, it is way easier and fascinating when you employ the right tools. If you want accelerated growth for your business in the current clime, you do well to pay attention to these productivity tools and see how you can maximize their functions.